I got to go out to Andrew’s company’s holiday party, with a babysitter for Cameron and everything. Getting ready, I felt so like a housewife/mom who was finally being let out of the house but probably shouldn’t be.

First I had to find an outfit with a day’s notice, out of my closet, that fit the criteria of Business Casual/Holiday Casual (whatever that means.) I had fancy skirt but had to hope that no one could tell that my top I matched with it was actually a nursing tank. Then contacts in, and I attempted makeup.

I use bare minerals because it covers my redness without fussing around with a bunch of layers. But then my face looked washed out so I tried the bronzer that came with my kit. I always second guess if makeup looks right since I don’t use it enough but convinced myself it was okay, on the right side. Continuing on the left side, I ended up with an obvious brown streak that only got worse when I tried to wipe it off.

Attempt #2, skipped the bronzer and went for the mascara instead. I always thought mascara was only for “dress-up” makeup but I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be “everyday” makeup and makes you look more awake. A minute later, I looked like someone wearing clumpy mascara, yet no more awake. Then after poking at it a bit to de-clump, I had mascara streaks going over my eye lids too.

Oh I guess mascara is waterproof too? Trying to wash it off with water gave me racoon eyes. I don’t have makeup remover, and I couldn’t find the alcohol pads which is probably for the best because I’m pretty sure that would have turned out to be a bad idea in its own way. After washing my face three times with face soap I just hoped it was dark at the party.