So I’ve finally joined the – well I’m not sure what, but I feel like I’ve joined something – and bought a Diva Cup. It seems like everyone who has used one raves about it and I can no longer justify the environmental impact of using disposable products by saying that I only have a period every three months like I did when I was on birth control.

When I told Andrew I was buying one he told me he didn’t want to hear anything about it. I asked him, “You saw your son being born and you’re afraid of my cup?” Yes, he is, so he shouldn’t read any further.

My first attempt was in the shower. Got it in place but I could still feel it. I’m not sure if that’s normal or something you just get used to. Over time I could feel it slipping further down until it felt like it was going to fall out – maybe not possible, but not something you want to find out in the wrong place or the wrong time.

I trimmed the stem because it was poking, and also tried turning the cup inside-out like I read about. Each time the slipping happened. According to their troubleshooting that’s a sign that I need to do more kegals which I find a little… insulting… since I’ve never had problems on that front before.

Following advice from elsewhere on the internet, I got it inserted higher where I couldn’t feel it but then had leaking. There’s supposed to be a learning curve and people even say to give it three months to figure it out, so I shouldn’t be that disappointed that it didn’t work for me right off. However my next period is scheduled to start right at Christmas and it would be so much more convenient to use on the day trip, if it was already working for me.