Monthly Archives: April 2015

I misread spam from Dr.Robert as being from Dr. Robot. I’d much rather buy my Canadian drugs from Dr. Robot.

I really wanted ice cream for breakfast today. I cut that off by forcing myself to eat something else, therefore I couldn’t by definition be having ice cream for breakfast. Somehow that worked on the craving and I forgot about it. Ice cream for dinner it is!

Children’s book snark, round two!

Curious George Color Fun:

So Curious George is curious about colors, as the book starts out. Then he looks at some thing of each color, one color per page. First, while I know an orange is the definitive orange thing, it’s awkward to say “orange orange” when I’m repeating the color while pointing out the object for emphasis.

Second, the book goes through the colors of the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo… purple. No, no, no, it should be violet in that context!

Third, and worst of all, the purple page doesn’t even its own stuff. Just “Here’s a rainbow for you!” with some purple balloons. Purple totally gets cheated.

Spoiler alert: All of the actual text of the book is included in this post.

Touch and Feel Shapes:

Half the shapes in this book includes buttons as one of the object. It’s like the writers (do these kind of books have “writers”?) were feeling really lazy and thought, ‘eh, let’s just find some square buttons for this one’. Then the ‘feel’ part is rather arbitrary as well. There’s a rectangular ‘fluffy pencil case’ as if pencil cases were fluffy by nature. Also, just like the orange orange above, it’s awkward to point out a triangle [music] triangle.

Touch and Feel Pets:

“Be gentle when touching the cat’s wiry whiskers.” I understand that they wanted a variation from a bunch of ‘feel this fur’ so I didn’t think much of this, until Cameron tried to gently grab Merlin’s whiskers. This book is teaching bad habits!

In contrast, my lavender-colored ice cream hasn’t been disappointing at all, other than the part where I forgot to leave out the calories. I’ll eat homemade mint chocolate chip in any color.

I’m finding myself rather disappointed… disappointingly disappointed with the latest Imagine Dragons album.

I got stopped by my first real-life missionaries while walking to Walgreens. I went ahead and took their Jesus card and agreed to watch the video (wait, I was supposed to watch a video?) letting it get that far mostly because the whole time I was thinking, “I’m totally going to write about this experience later!”

Afterwards I kept thinking about how I’ve been sending my Civ V missionaries to spread Atheism around the world.

I watched a Miley Cyrus video, on purpose. I had to see what the original was that is being parodied in this video, We Can’t Stop … Having Babies. The parody is better, and actually, I like it more than I should considering it’s functionally someone’s birth announcement. I guess I’m not the only one though since the song’s actually for sale now.

I did feel better when one article mentioned that she had four years of voice classes, because it seems like between this one and the Coke can birth announcement video, they’re setting the bar pretty high for us regular people.