Monthly Archives: March 2015

This makes me kind of absurdly happy (and I mean absurdly because it shouldn’t really make me feel anything in particular). Gillian Anderson was my first celebrity girl-crush.

So I did it. Ordered the bread bowl with bread as the side, and refused to be embarrassed about it.

I’m trying to get Cameron on a one-nap schedule, since he’s functionally been on one nap a day for as long as I can remember. It’s pretty much impossible to get a second out of him even if he needs it.

I also didn’t realize Andrew called the landlord this morning about the dishwasher sounding like it’s dying. I have no complaints about him timeliness although I wasn’t expecting him to show up at our door this morning.

Amazingly I was able to get Cameron down to sleep and he slept right through the shop vac’ing and the old dishwasher being pushed out the door. Now the landlord’s on his way to the store to get a new one and when I checked on Cameron he was sound asleep on his back in his casual sleeping pose.

He didn’t mention before he left that the power to that side of the kitchen is turned off. No fridge (I realized after I opened it, oops), no microwave, and of course no (hole where the) dishwasher (was).