Monthly Archives: January 2015

It turns out you get something completely different than expected if you search for “death cat tickets” instead of “death cab tickets”.

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida Keys

The only reason this article really caught my eye is because the book I’m reading – Blackout by Mira Grant, the third in the Newsflesh Trilogy – has a plot involving genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida that are a new vector for the book’s zombie-virus. Future zombie apocalypse, right here in the news.

But seriously, people are having concerns the genetically modified DNA could get inside a human somehow. Well sure, it’s possible someone is going to end up swallowing a mosquito. And 80% of Americans support mandatory labeling of food containing DNA so I guess I can see a connection here.

I’ve been thinking that there’s not been a lot of news on Ebola lately, despite the death count rising in Africa. I suppose it’s not news unless it’s US news. However I recently saw Ebola vaccine trials to begin in Liberia which is exciting.

And yet the first comment says, “Shouldn’t the focus be on nutrition, sanitation, etc. in these developing countries?” Even for Ebola the anti-vaxers come out… commence head hitting desk…

Tea, a bagel, and a napping baby. This is how every day should go.

I think Morgan licked my bagel. Seems like I have to share no matter what.