Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’m having oatmeal for dinner because Cameron helped me finish my breakfast this morning, so I never felt exactly satisfied on that front.

I’ve given into the idea of yoga pants.

I found the pair in a drawer of exercise clothes. (I think I planned to do actual yoga at some point.) Matched them with a shirt and it looked pretty good and comfortable and now I see what the big deal is all about. However now I want more than the one pair, and I don’t know where to find them at a decent price, and I don’t want to have to actually ask someone when it’s so obvious I’m looking for mom pants.

I finally got the story of Cameron’s stroller/car accident typed up last night. It loses a little of the original urgency in the voice when it takes a week to finish, but as I noted over there I seem to have less time to procrastinate and more time being actually too busy lately.

That kept me up too late, and somehow after my shower it was nearly 2am when I went to bed. With Cameron normally waking up around 5, I thought ugh, only three hours of sleep ahead of me (although though with luck he goes back to sleep for another couple.) So he wakes up at 3am instead, and refuses to stay asleep through any attempt to put him in the crib.

By 5am I was ready to hand in my AP card and let him cry while I watched the clock from my own bed. Andrew woke up and gave it a shot himself, then asked if I just wanted to bring him to bed. Easier for the person who’s not being climbed over, punched in the nose, sucked on, and having their face being used as a pillow but not sleeping while laying in bed is preferable to not sleeping while upright.

We must have gotten some amount of sleep because I don’t remember Andrew leaving for work.

Morning nap refused to happen. Noon nap almost happened but he woke up crying while I was still carrying him to the crib! Finally asleep at 1pm. I had planned to take advantage of morning nap to nap myself but since it turned into afternoon nap instead it was time to work on the ice cream for his birthday part.

I need 6 egg yolks. I have 5 eggs.

Baby’s asleep. Can’t go to the store.

Meh. Just meh.

Popular (internet) culture has told me that part of being a mom is ending the day by putting the kids to bed and having a glass of wine (or three.)

I should fit right in then with my Hello Kitty wine in a regular glass, that I can’t accidentally break like the last wine I was around.

This never got written at the time, but one reason the blog died is that when something new and exciting happens to me, I fixate on it for a while and everything becomes a stream of,

‘I got a new car! New car! Stuff about my new car! Here’s a thought I had about driving a new car! Did I mention car? Yeah, car!’

I can’t remember if it was the new job or the car ultimately, although they happened close enough together, that even I could tell it was too much and I just stopped.

Well now I have a baby and I’m just going to keep writing things about having a baby until I run out of things to say. I predict that’ll happen around (his) age 32.

I think when Cameron’s done with them I’m going to hang a sign from my nipples that says, ‘Closed For Renovations’.

I should probably eat something other than peanut butter cookies and a peanut butter granola bar for breakfast.