Monthly Archives: September 2014

I picked up last night’s root beer bottle to wash it out and they’re was still a little left. I like my root beer in a glass over ice and I must have forgotten to pour the end of it. Wasted root beer is such a tragedy around here.

(So is warm, flat root beer, so no I’m not drinking it either.)

I can’t find my Fitbit charger… by now I have to assume some baby wandered off with it. That’ll be my excuse for why my steps are so far behind.

Cameron still hasn’t initiated any sign language, but he definitely recognizes at least the milk sign. He’ll stop what he’s doing, crawl over to me, and pull up on my knees in response.

I was watching I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (because, yay bad TV while the baby naps) and a commercial for First Response’s early pregnancy test says, “Knowing if you’re pregnant at the first possible moment – nothing is more important.”

Really, nothing is more important? Famine? War?

Okay I suppose they could mean in the realm of pregnancy, but still… as an obsessive early tester myself, all that knowing early does is satisfy that need to know. If they’re referring to prenatal care, the only people who would be testing that early are women who are already trying to get pregnant and are already treating their bodies as if they might be.

Plus there’s still a good chance at that point that it could be a chemical pregnancy, one that triggers a positive test but never implants (because nature treats fertilized eggs like GlaDOS treats companion cubes). Even The Panic Free Pregnancy says the way to deal with that is to just not test early.

Thinking about it some more, I also realized that this probably isn’t the best show to advertise on. Since so many of the woman who didn’t know they were pregnant had multiple negative pregnancy tests along the way, they’re essentially saying it’s a faulty product.

Usually when rice is left in the rice cooker it dries out (and makes a nice base to the kitchen compost bin to keep the more drippy compost stuffs from leaking through the compostable plastic bag.) This time I found moldy rice underneath. My impulse is to kill it with fire and buy a new rice cooker, but I’m pretty sure Andrew would say that’s not in the budget.

First Hobby Lobby and now Chick-fil-A coming to Seattle. I guess this means my boycotts will actually mean something, when there’s a store I’d be able to shop at in the first place.

There are a lot of things about parenting that no matter how many ’10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Parent’ articles you read, you just won’t believe until you experience it.

For example, I never would have imagined myself making up a song that goes, ‘You touch your penis, you wash your hands.’ on a loop.

Or that I would get it stuck in my head throughout the day.