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I’m finding myself rather disappointed… disappointingly disappointed with the latest Imagine Dragons album.

I got stopped by my first real-life missionaries while walking to Walgreens. I went ahead and took their Jesus card and agreed to watch the video (wait, I was supposed to watch a video?) letting it get that far mostly because the whole time I was thinking, “I’m totally going to write about this experience later!”

Afterwards I kept thinking about how I’ve been sending my Civ V missionaries to spread Atheism around the world.

I watched a Miley Cyrus video, on purpose. I had to see what the original was that is being parodied in this video, We Can’t Stop … Having Babies. The parody is better, and actually, I like it more than I should considering it’s functionally someone’s birth announcement. I guess I’m not the only one though since the song’s actually for sale now.

I did feel better when one article mentioned that she had four years of voice classes, because it seems like between this one and the Coke can birth announcement video, they’re setting the bar pretty high for us regular people.

I made some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and since I saw the food coloring laying around I decided to get creative. More creative than green, that is. Turns out you need a lot more food coloring than I’m willing to use to get a good purple and my ice cream came out a grayish lavender. It’s not really the end of the world if I accidentally made ice cream look unappealing to me, but more likely I’m just going to be disappointed every time I realize it’s not actually lavender flavored.

Andrew and I always joke about “Do not exceed 350°, which as is the nature of in-jokes is something that’s only funny to us. (It came from the directions of the Stouffers Macaroni and cheese we used to eat all the time, with an ominous sounding warning to not exceed a that temperature.) Anyway I’ve determined that 350 is the cutoff temperature before opening the oven door gets you a painful blast to the face.

350° – just fine
375° – backdraft to the face!
400° – remember to stand back, and then hit by secondary backdraft seconds later.

Today is apparently No Housework Day. Too bad I found out after I had already done a load of dishes over breakfast. Plus, I thought, I’m pretty sure laundry counts as housework and if I don’t wash diapers then there are no diapers. All in all a pretty useless “holiday” unless someone else is coming to take over, because otherwise it’s like being told, “Go ahead and take the day off. You can have twice as much to do tomorrow!”

Thoughts while waiting for a train – are they more or less deep thoughts than thoughts in the shower? Well my shower-thoughts have been about the feasibility and timeline of a second kid. My waiting-for-a-train thoughts were about horses.

Horses sleep standing up. But their feet must not get sore they have hooves, not really the same as feet, and hooves are made for all that standing. My mental image of a horse sleeping is a head sticking out of a stable door, drooping a little. But what about wild horses? They must do more than running and representing freedom. Do they just stand in the middle of the plain somewhere with their eyes closed?

This makes me kind of absurdly happy (and I mean absurdly because it shouldn’t really make me feel anything in particular). Gillian Anderson was my first celebrity girl-crush.